1. ultratangerine:

    Women Warriors series by maxre

    A women only archery competition in North Japan.

    why isnt this an anime or a movie or a comic or a thing

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  2. postcardsfromdorisburg:

    Official Trailer.

    this is a cool thing my friend is doing the audio for

  3. She just sits like this

  4. trecesietes:

    Fluids & Food

    I domt know if I love the cup or the ice cream more

  5. Neat IKEA lamp is neat

  6. johndarnielle:


    Exclusive The Wicked And The Divine #5 preview.

    "Wait here…I’ve got a few pictures in the car"

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  7. kateordie:

    production designThe Fifth Element (1997)

    by Dan Weil

    Always in my top 10 favourite movies, forever.

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  9. pattheflip:

    I have spoken to a lot of people in the games industry who are frustrated about GamerGate but shaky on the prospect of speaking out themselves; they’re worried about receiving death threats, or drawing unwanted attention to their employer, or just overextending themselves getting involved in an…


    1. me: what are taxes and how do I pay them?
    2. school system: worry not
    3. school system: mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
  10. Red Velvet funnel cake: the embodiment of regret

  11. MmmMm delicious copyright infringement.

  12. designingsound:

    New Post has been published on http://designingsound.org/2014/10/patch-a-day-challenge/

    Patch a Day Challenge

    Anton’s “first day” patch

    Anoton Woldhek, whose name you may recognize from the Game Audio Podcast, is a little excited for this month’s theme. So excited, in fact, that he wants people to join him in a “patch a day” challenge. I think it’s a great idea, though I’m doing a bit too much traveling at the moment to probably get started on it next week (though I suppose my Pure Data Wavetable Synthesizer from last year could qualify). You can certainly join in now. To make it a little easier to share your results with each other, let’s use the hashtag #dspatchaday on twitter. While you’re getting started why not head over to Anton’s personal page and check out the results of this first patch (pictured above)?!

    Really looking forward to see what people come up with!

  13. VT-3 and Launchpad to fill out the Lack Rack

  14. Tiger World