1. Maybe this means we have the Nintendo seal of approval

  2. Second day at PAX. Booth is packed for Nova-111

  3. Tim Schafer is a cool dude.

  4. PAX10 booth for Nova-111. We got two booths. Double the fresh

  5. Time to show off Nova-111 at #paxprime with @funktroniclabs (at Washington State Convention Center)

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  6. Nova-111 freshness

  7. So @illogictree made us go see the first Starbucks

  8. Seattle tourist area

  9. Outside coffee shop in Seattle. Neat town

  10. Setting up a phreak booth

  11. View from the place I’m staying during PAX

  12. I may have tried to take a picture of this airport food on the DL so I dont look as hipstery as I am (at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac))

  14. @mattesque #catphotowar

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  15. Every day with this