1. If you need a Game of Thrones figure with two left arms, the Barnes and Noble in Winston-Salem has you covered

  2. What is this and where can i get it

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  3. Spent 30 mins editing, exporting, and changing my iPhones system sounds to Fire Emblem ones. Because important

  4. Learning some Blender. First time 3d modeling

  5. Posting music to the internet feels like this

  6. Because making an obscure Japanese pop reference in a Japanese game from 10 years ago is how I roll.

  7. Turning lemons into lemonade

  8. Give me one, it doesnt even have to be the white one. Ill take the one with the black tail.

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  9. Recent listening to The Tonebenders Podcast reminded me to pick this up

  10. Picture of Vanessa Nichols takeoff a picture

  12. She is adorable (at Greensboro Science Center)

  13. at Greensboro Science Center

  14. My feed is gonna be a lot of these for a few mins. You’ve been warned (at Greensboro Science Center)

  15. tastefullyoffensive:

    Mind-Boggling Food Realizations [distractify]

    Previously: Genious Shower Thoughts, Dog Shower Thoughts

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